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Text messages to patients on waiting lists for appointments or procedures at the James Paget


The James Paget is communicating with patients who are waiting for an appointment, planned procedure or operation at our hospital. This will help us understand if your needs or circumstances have changed while you have been waiting for your appointment.

If you are currently on our waiting list or awaiting planned care at our hospital Trust, you may receive text messages from us that will come from our digital partner DrDoctor.

This will include a link to an online survey asking you a question about your ongoing hospital care.

The text message will come from mobile number 07860 039092.

If you do receive this text message, please do not ignore it - your response is crucially important to help us manage our waiting list.

Some patients will receive multiple messages as they will be under the care of more than one clinic or specialty.

If you are under the care of more than one specialty, you will need to click on each individual text message.

DrDoctor is a digital health company modernising how hospitals and patients communicate.

For more information on the services that DrDoctor provide please visit the DrDoctor website;

DrDoctor logo, which is the word Dr in light green and Doctor in dark green next to it.


An example of the website message you might receive. This has the James Paget logo at the top and says 'we are aware that you have been referred to a specialist and are currently waiting for a new outpatient appointment at the James Paget University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. We apologise for the delay in seeing you. To help us improve access to these appointments, it would be helpful if you could please respond to the question below.'An example of the text message you might receive. This says; From; James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Dear patient, you are currently waiting for a new appointment at the James Paget University Hospital NHS FoundationTrust under the xxx department. We have a question for you about your care, please visit the patient portal at 939GmjteyWPo to respond.  Further details are available on our website (link to this page) Thank you.