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Mobile device use

Our mobile device policy is intended to promote a restful and therapeutic environment for all our patients, to protect the privacy and dignity of patients and staff, to ensure the safe use of sensitive equipment and help you keep in touch with those you care about.

This guidance covers all mobile device types, including mobile and smart phones, notebooks, laptops, computers, gaming devices, video and audio recorders.


Free wifi is now available 

A guest Wi-Fi service is now operating across the James Paget University Hospital.
The new service allows patients, visitors and staff to access free Wi-Fi in areas of the hospital including wards, waiting areas and restaurants.
Its introduction is aimed at improving patient experience at our Trust by allowing people attending our hospital to continue with their digital lives – allowing communication with friends and family and access to entertainment.
The new service can also help clinicians who can use mobile devices at the bedside to show patients information about their treatment.
Accessing the service is simple – First, go to the settings menu on your device and select Wi-Fi. Then select NHS Wi-Fi. Then complete the registration by filling in your e-mail address, first name and last name – and then tick the box at the bottom of the page, if you agree to accept the terms and conditions and abide by the Trust’s ‘Acceptable Use’ policy.
Your device will connect to NHS Wi-Fi.
After your network access is enabled, you will see the 'Welcome to NHS Wi-Fi' screen – and you are then free to start browsing.
Users will have to re-register after 24 hours, for security purposes.

Our IT team has overseen an upgrade of the hospital’s wireless infrastructure, which means that Guest Wi-Fi traffic is completely separate from corporate traffic – so it does not affect the speed of the hospital’s clinical systems.