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Concessionary Parking


Frequent Outpatient Appointments:

Free parking will be provided to all out-patients who attend hospital for an appointment at least three times within a month and for an overall period of at least three months. A ‘month’ is defined as a period of 30 days.  This concession will either be granted by way of a refund at the Patient Travel Office on presentation of receipts and proof of appointments, or by way of a bar coded car park voucher which can be issued in advance for appointments known and verified at the Patient Travel Office.


A reduced tariff of four visits for £3 will be provided for:

  • Immediate family visiting long stay patients.
  • Claimants who are unemployed or on means tested benefits visiting immediate family.

Free passes will be provided in the following cases (speak to the clinic or ward staff for advice on how to get your chip coin validated):

  • Parents visiting babies and children frequently (the ward will issue passes out of hours and weekends).
  • Relatives assisting at meal times. 
  • Patients attending for oncology or haematology (cancer treatment) at the Sandra Chapman Centre.
  • Immediate family visiting critically ill patients or patients receiving end of life care.

How to obtain your free/reduced rate pass: 

  • Your car park entry chip coin will be validated for a free or reduced exit pass at the Patients' Travel Office.
  • A reduced fee slip being provided by Ward staff. This slip will then be presented to the Patients' Travel Office for your exit pass.
  • By presentation of your blue badge to the Patients' Travel Office.