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Slips and falls

What we do to try and prevent patient falls:

  • We try to ensure the hospital is as safe as possible
  • We regularly assess all buildings for risks of people slipping or falling
  • We try to avoid obstructions in corridors and passageways, and provide notices where cleaners or workmen are operating
  • We provide bed rails, low beds, call bells, walking aids etc where appropriate
  • For patients who may be at risk of slipping or falling, our staff give appropriate advice and assistance


What you can do to avoid slips and falls whilst in hospital:

  • Be aware of your own capabilities
  • If you have a history of falls, you will be at greater risk of falling while in hospital
  • If you feel dizzy, do not attempt to stand or walk on your own.  Tell the nurse who may check your blood pressure and, if necessary, help you to walk
  • If you feel unsteady while standing, do not attempt to do this unaided – please ask for assistance
  • If you have extra attachments such as chest drains or ECG monitoring lines, please ask for help so that you do not trip over them or pull them out
  • Make sure you have space to move safely and that your route is clear.  For example, if you have a footstool to elevate your legs, make sure you move this out of the way
  • Take special care at night to make sure that you can see clearly before moving around the ward, especially if your eyesight is poor
  • Take special care when the cleaners place ‘wet floor’ signs, as the floors may be slippery
  • Before leaving the bathroom, make sure that the soles of your shoes or slippers are dry