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SMS text message reminders for outpatient appointments


Outpatient Appointment Text Message Reminders

The James Paget University Hospital is enhancing its SMS text messaging service, which is used to remind patients of their upcoming appointments.

We launched the service earlier this year, with text reminders sent to patients seven days before their scheduled appointment, as well as a reminder message two days before.

Now, we are developing the service so that it gives patients a series of options to confirm their attendance, or request that their appointment is cancelled or re-booked.

This improvement is being rolled out across our outpatient departments over the next few months; if you receive a message, it will look like this:

Text Reminders Dec2021

We’ve introduced text message reminders because thousands of patients accidently miss their hospital appointment every year, because they forget when it is. 

Each missed appointment costs the hospital money in terms of the time the medical staff waste, but more importantly, it means that the slot cannot be offered to another patient. It has been shown that sending appointment reminders significantly reduces the number of missed appointments.

Please be aware of the following: 

•           If you have given your mobile number to any NHS Healthcare provider, we will accept this as implied consent that you agree for the Trust to use this number to contact you regarding your hospital appointments 

•           If you have recently changed any of your contact details please ensure that you notify your GP and the James Paget.

 More information on how the James Paget uses your information is available here: Privacy statement (  

If you want to opt out of this texting service, need to change your details or have any concerns about an appointment reminder message you have received, please contact the clinical co-ordinator, whose details will be on your appointment letter.