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Staff stories

Employee Of The Year Rebecca CrossleyRebecca Crossley, Employee of the Year

Last year’s Employee of the Year winner was Learning Disability & Autism Liaison Nurse Rebecca Crossley.

Since joining the Trust in 2011, Rebecca has made a significant impact on her patients and their carers by ensuring that their specialist needs are recognised and that they receive equal access to high quality care and treatment. She is also a mentor to her colleagues, by ensuring that they are given advice and support so that reasonable adjustments can be made to patient care.

Rebecca was named the national ‘Learning Disability Nurse of the Year’ in 2014.

Colleagues described her passion as “infectious” and said that her “patients and their carers feel café and confident in the care provided”.

Rebecca said: “It was a huge surprise to find that I had been nominated for the award. I never expected to get through to the finals – never mind winning! I truly love my job, my patients and their carers.

“The awards have given me a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of Learning Disabilities and Autism, and to share the great work that we are doing at the JPUH; flying the flag for the NHS in the East of England.”


DavidshaunDavid Adams and Shaun Healy, EDP Gold Award

Last year’s surprise EDP Gold Award, presented by former EDP Health Correspondent Adam Gretton, was awarded to fire heroes David Adams and Shaun Healy. When a fire broke out in the Education & Training Centre in April 2014, David and Shaun were quick to respond and ensure that the building was evacuated and the blaze put out quickly.

With the generous support of the Eastern Daily Press, the award has now become a permanent fixture as the EDP Gold ‘Patient Choice’ Award. Although all of our awards are open for public submissions, this award is reserved solely for a patient, relative or carer to give their thanks to staff.

EDP Editor Nigel Pickover said: “The JPUH has a lot to be proud of and the Remarkable People Awards are a great celebration for all hospital staff.  We recognise that NHS news isn’t always positive and sometimes the negative headlines can have a real impact on the staff that work hard to provide care day in day out.

“The EDP is committed to being involved with the awards each year, and we’re thrilled to present the Gold ‘Patient Choice’ Award so that patients, carers and families have the chance to say thank you to staff who have gone the extra mile to provide extraordinary care.”