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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Click here to find out about apprenticeships available at JPUH.

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  • Apprentices get paid Apprenticeship wage for the first twelve months of their contract (£240 per week), or the Enhanced Wage (£259.84) if they are required to work weekends. For the remaining time on programme, they are paid national minimum wage for their age. These figures are accurate as of April 2024.

  • Click here to see what apprenticeships are available at the JPUH

  • Apprentices are based across various areas of the hospital.  Apprenticeships vacancies become available when a department is able to facilitate an apprentice within their team.

    Previous departments who have recruited an apprentice:

    Clinical Apprenticeships: ICU; Ward 18; Radiology; CT & MRI Scanning; Ultrasound; Ward 15; Ward 4; Ward 5; Ward 6; Orthopaedic Outpatients;  Renal; Physiotherapy; Ward 9; Maternity; Palliative Care; Ward 16; HSDU; Ward 12

    Business Administration Apprenticeships: Ward 12; Ward 11; Corporate Training; Finance; Patient Transport; Research and Development; Communications Team; Medical Secretariat; Day Care Unit; Louise Hamilton Centre; Central Recruitment Team; Theatres Reception; Paediatric Secretariat; EADU; A&E; Nurse Education and Practice Development; Central Nurse Bank; Transformation Team; Service Improvement Team; Physiotherapy; Dietetics;  Newberry Clinic; ENT Outpatients; Supplies Support Services in Healthcare: Domestic Services; Ophthalmology; Corporate Affairs; Pre-Employment Team ; Endoscopy.


  • Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship are for 12/15 months, Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeships are for 18 months and Level 4 or Higher Apprenticeships are for 24+ months.

    A position is not guaranteed at the end of an apprenticeship, however you are in a great position to apply for related employment. Your manager and the Apprenticeship Team will support you in seeking a new job and/or further training.

  • Apprentices are offered support throughout the duration of their employment here. An apprentice’s manager is responsible for allocating jobs and ensuring the apprentice has everything they need in terms of training to complete their apprenticeship.

    Each Apprentice is also allocated a mentor within their department who is assigned to support and guide them where needed; they are available to offer informal advice and help with their job role/ tasks.

    Apprentices are also given a tutor from the training provider who will give them coursework to complete monthly. Their tutor will also be able to support them with personal matters and advise where necessary.

    The JPUH has an Apprenticeship team who help from the point of recruitment to the Apprentices completion date and are always available for Apprentices to speak to. The apprenticeship team meet with apprentices every three months to find out how they are getting on and whether any support is required.

  • You must be 16 years of age and a school leaver to apply for an apprenticeship. However, there is no upper age limit to applying for apprenticeships.

  • There is no set time in the year that apprentices are recruited and they can enrol to the training provider as soon as they commence employment. Apprenticeships can be applied for as soon as a position becomes available; adverts are usually open for two weeks after being advertised.  We do not hold applications or CV’s.

  • Apprenticeship positions will require 4 GCSE’s at Grade D/3 or above, including English or maths. Equivalent qualifications are also accepted.

    Some apprenticeships will have some extra requirements and qualifications needed, so please check the Person Specification on the vacancy when applying.

    We will not be able to accept applications from individuals who have already obtained a higher level qualification in a similar field to the apprenticeship they will be completing.

  • Depending on the subject of the apprenticeship, attending college workshops are mandatory. Where possible, most of these will be held at the JPUH once a month, however it might be necessary to attend your training provider’s campus.

    You will be assigned an assessor by the training provider who will support you in the completion of your portfolio. For most apprenticeships, the college assessor will visit the apprentice’s workplace every 4-6 weeks.


  • All apprenticeships are full time; working 37.5 hours a week.  The times and days will vary according to the needs of the service.  There will be a pay enhancement if you are contracted to work weekends. 

  • Please contact the Apprenticeship Team via email

    Our Twitter page is also a source of information @JPUH_Apprentice