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Celebrating our 40th anniversary

23 December 2021

Paget 40 logo - Paget in black capital letters at the top with a pinky-red 'flag fluttering' style background with a white 40 on it underneath 

Staff at the James Paget University Hospital are getting ready to mark a special anniversary in the New Year - and want local people to join the celebrations.

The hospital celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2022 and is planning to use the whole year to cast a spotlight on the Paget’s past, present and future in providing healthcare for the local community.

Plans are being drawn up for a celebration which includes focusing on how our services and patient care has developed over the years; how our site at Gorleston has expanded; key members of staff who have played an important role at the Paget; and our exciting plans for the future, centred around the construction of a new hospital.

To help celebrate the passage of 40 years since the hospital fully opened its doors on 21 July 1982, we really want our local community to be involved, and we want to hear from you:

  • Were you involved in the planning of the hospital or were you part of the construction team that built it?
  • Were you part of a team providing care to patients when the wards at the hospital first opened their doors? Perhaps you worked in our operating theatres, as part of our diagnostic teams or were in one of the many departments supporting the frontline, such as estates, domestic services and catering?
  • Were you one of the first patients to receive care at the Paget - or were you one of the first babies born in its maternity department?
  • Did you take part in any events at the hospital or do you have any photographs taken during the last 40 years that you could share with us?

Chief Executive Anna Hills said:  “We know that the Paget is dear to the hearts of many in our community - and that’s why we really want local people to be involved in the celebrations to mark this special anniversary.

“There will be a focus on how our services and patient care has changed over the decades but it is the people who have worked at the hospital that have made the Paget what it is today.

“While we have a few members of staff who were here during the year that the hospital opened its doors, the majority have now either left the organisation or retired.

“So, we are appealing to these people to get in touch with us, if they would like to get involved in our celebration.”

To get in touch, please email