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Attend Anywhere

Attend Anywhere


We are currently trialling a video consultation appointment service, using Attend Anywhere, which is being used nationally by the NHS.

In response to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are reducing the number of people coming into hospital to make sure there is space for those who need urgent care and to reduce the risk of infection.

We are offering video consultations to some patients who have been identified by their healthcare professional as someone who may be suitable for this type of appointment.

We understand that it may not be possible for you to conduct your appointment by video or that you may not want to. If you are unable to undertake the video consultation which has been arranged, please let us know by calling the contact number on your letter. We can then arrange for your appointment to be conducted in another way.


Accessing our video clinic

If you have agreed to attend a video consultation appointment, you will receive a letter with details of your appointment, including the date and time and the name of your virtual clinic.

If this is the first time you are attending a video consultation, we recommend you check and test your equipment in advance. You can practice joining the virtual waiting room at any time.

If you experience any problems while trying to connect, please view our ‘getting started’ guidance below.


Getting started

Please make sure you are sitting in a well-lit and private area where you will not be disturbed.

You will need to test your device to ensure you are using the right browser, that your microphone and camera are set up correctly and you have a strong internet connection.

Please view the 'How to use Attend Anywhere' video below which explains more about how to ensure your computer or device is compatible.

When you open the link to access the video consultation, you will be asked to enter your first name, last name, date of birth and phone number. This information will help us to identify you. Please click ‘submit’ to proceed.

Once you press 'submit' you will enter a main waiting room. Here you will be contacted by a member of staff who will then transfer you to the waiting room for your clinic. 

You are welcome to invite a family member, parent, friend and/or carer to sit with you throughout the video consultation.

Once signed in, please wait for our clinician to greet you. Occasionally there might be a short delay and your appointment might not run at the planned time. This might be because our clinician needs to spend a little longer with another patient. When this happens the consultant will aim to send you a message via the application.

During the video consultation, your clinician may share their computer screen with you, to display test results, or other important information.

At the end of your video consultation, the clinician may suggest a further appointment. They will either agree a date and time with you or a member of our administrative team will contact you by phone in the next few days.

After you disconnect the video call, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. We very much appreciate you spending the time to provide feedback on your experience to help us to improve our service.


We’re currently using the video technology Attend Anywhere.

Video calls are secure. Patients have their own digital video room that only authorised clinicians can enter.

The video platform will not take a recording of your consultation.

Personal details entered at the start of video consultation will be deleted at the end of the call.


Further support and information

If you are experiencing any issues, you can view the trouble-shooting information below. 

Video calls are free, except for any internet usage. A video call uses a similar amount of data to a Skype or FaceTime call (roughly 500 MB for 20 minutes). We recommend that patients connect to their home or work Wi-Fi to avoid using their mobile data allowance.

If you cannot join the video consultation at this time or you are unable to participate in a video consultation for other reasons, please contact us on the email address or phone number on your letter, and we will then make a new appointment for you.


Find out more about video consultations



Attend Anywhere Troubleshooting pdf Download

In the event of the Attend Anywhere system being unavailable for your scheduled video call, please expect a phone call from your clinician for your appointment to take place over the phone around the approximate appointment time. Your caller display may show this as a withheld number so please pick up the call.