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Visiting hours

One of the blue sign boards, with white text, directing visitors to the wards and clinics at our hospital

Please remember that you should not visit the hospital if you have symptoms of COVID-19, are a close contact of someone who is confirmed to have COVID-19, or if you have symptoms of diarrhoea and/or vomiting within 48 hours of your planned visit.

The wearing of face masks for staff, patients and visitors is no longer mandatory and there is no longer a requirement to wear masks unless by personal choice or it has been risk assessed as necessary.

We would still recommend maintaining a distance from others out of courtesy, but there is no official social distancing required. Please avoid overcrowding.

Visiting is generally open from 11am to 8pm each day with the exception of meal times - please see below. Each ward area may vary these times slightly and there are some exceptions - please check with ward staff for guidance, and please respect the designated hours, these are in place to give patients sufficient time to rest and recuperate. 


Gifts such as flowers and balloons are attractive but can prevent staff maintaining a clean and safe environment.  We would be grateful if gifts of this nature are not bought to the ward.

Please ask your relatives/carers not to visit if they have a bug or infection, such as sickness, diarrhoea, colds or flu. Help us protect you and your fellow patients. For more information on Infection Control please click here.

Protected meal times

Protected mealtimes are specific times in the day when all non-urgent activities stop, so that patients may eat their meals without interruption or distraction.

During these times, visiting is restricted to visitors and carers who are actively assisting patients with their meals.

Protected mealtimes are:

Breakfast 7:30 – 8:30

Lunch 11:50 – 14:00

Supper 16:30 – 18:30


Wards with specific hours to support patient care

Ward 12 - our Older People's Medicine ward - has visiting hours between 2pm and 4.30pm, and 6.30pm until 8pm, to facilitate appropriate rest periods for patients. 


Family carers flexible visiting times

If you look after a vulnerable person and would like to continue to do so while they are in hospital, we are happy for you to visit them more flexibly in response to their individual needs.

A vulnerable person may be a child or they may be older, they may have a physical difficulty or mental health issue, they may have a learning disability or be affected by dementia.

Contact a member of staff to discuss what visiting times you think would work best for you.

Family Carer Lead - 01493 453831

Family Carer Lead for the Louise Hamilton Centre - 01493 453100

Dementia Liaison Nurse - 01493 453731

Learning Disability Lead - 01493 453732

Palliative Care Team - 01493 452804