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Existing hearing aid users

If you already have a hearing aid but feel that your hearing has deteriorated then please contact the Audiology department who will advise you of the appropriate course of action.


Reassessment of your hearing aid provision

  • Please feel free to bring along a friend or relative to any of our appointments
  • Please allow one hour for this appointment
  • A brief history of your ear and hearing problems will be discussed
  • You will have a hearing test and the results will be discussed with you
  • You will decide with the audiologist on the best course of action.
  • If appropriate, your hearing aid will be reprogrammed or changed to match your current hearing loss
  • Sound measurements will be taken to verify we are fitting correctly to your ear.
  • The hearing aid may have different controls, depending on your lifestyle and will be tailored to suit you.
  • There is plenty of literature to take home with you as well
  • We may make another appointment to check on your progress.