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Emergency Assessment and Discharge Unit (EADU)

Opening Times: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Telephone: 01493 453690
Location: Ground floor next to Accident & Emergency

The EADU team looks after all acute medical patients whose condition necessitates hospital specialist review and therapies and works closely with Ambulatory Care (AmbU).

EADU is a 30 bed main admission unit that is used for the immediate review and treatment of patients who are expected to require investigations and therapies as an inpatient. After an initial workup by the acute medicine team, EADU patients are transferred to an appropriate medical ward for further care.

AmbU serves less dependent patients who require specialist hospital day review and treatment. AmbU consists of a 15 chair waiting area, a clinic room and a five trolley assessment bay. In AmbU, patients are assessed, treated and discharged by a specialist acute medical doctor/nurse team.

EADU and AmbU are designed to treat patients with a whole range of presentations including those with more immediate and life threatening conditions. As such we have a wide knowledge and skill base to allow us to manage all individual patient needs. 


What services are provided?

The Early Intervention Team (EIT) is made up of Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists and Therapy Assistant practitioners.

The team works across the Emergency floor including Accident and Emergency, the Emergency Assessment and Discharge Unit and the Short Stay Medical Unit .

The main population served by the Early Intervention team is older adults with a variety of acute conditions including, but not limited to :




Decreased mobility


The service aims to assess a persons mobility and ability to engage in their activities of daily living, providing individual interventions to support people when they leave hospital. We liaise with our community colleagues to provide rehabilitation and reablement in the community to maximise their functional potential within their own environment.

As the Team is involved at such an early stage of a person's hospital visit, we play a vital role in preventing avoidable admissions by enabling supported discharge.

Eighty-eight percent of patients referred to EIT were discharged from EADU, and 83% of patients referred to EIT were discharged from A&E.


Where is the department located?

EADU is located on the ground floor next to the Emergency Department.

AmbU is situated on the EADU floor. Patients referred to AmbU can come to EADU and will be directed to the AmbU.

Key staff

Key staff


Medical lead: Dr Al Green, Consultant Physician

Nursing Lead: Sister Karen Foden