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Maternity Services

Opening Times: Antenatal Clinic (Mon to Fri 9:00 - 17:00), Delivery Suite, Dolphin Suite and Ward 11 (24 hours, seven days a week).
Telephone: Antenatal (01493 452266), Delivery Suite (01493 452480), Dolphin Suite (01493 453640), Ward 11 (01493 452011).
Location: First floor, south corridor.

We offer a range of services for women, birthing people, and families before, during and after birth. We aim to work with you to ensure that the care you receive is tailored to your unique situation.

We recognise that you may have concerns during your pregnancy and we would encourage you to speak to your midwife if there is anything you would like to talk about. We are aware that those from ethnic minority communities or from vulnerable backgrounds may need support to access our services and we are here to help. Our midwives are happy to talk through any concerns you may have and will do everything they can to support you through your pregnancy.

Head of Midwifery and Gynaecology Elita Mazzocchi said; 

"Family is our focus at the James Paget Maternity Services. We would like to ensure you have the safest and best possible birth experience you can by listening to your choices and sharing our knowledge and expertise. We continue to shape the future of our service by co-designing and developing it in conjunction with those that know it best; you, our service users.

"May I extend to you the warmest of welcomes to our Maternity Department."


Maternity update 

The maternity department at the James Paget University Hospital are allowing partners to attend all scans and Antenatal Clinic appointments.

For maternity services, two birthing partners/support persons may visit between 10am and 10pm daily. Additional visiting times for friends/family are 2.30pm to 4.30pm and 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Children under the age of 16 years old are only permitted if they are the patient’s own/or baby’s sibling.  No other children are permitted on the ward.

There is a maximum allowance of three visitors per bed at any given time, and all visitors must sign in and out at reception on their visit.

Two birth partners can be present for births and one support person (partner/ relative/ friend) can remain on the ward to support overnight.

Please see below for our Ward 11 visiting guide. Please click on this for a larger version. 

Please can no children be brought to scan or Antenatal Clinic appointments.

Ward 11 Visiting guide - please click on this for a PDF version that can be enlarged.  The text on this reads; We aim to provide the best possible care to you and your family and we aim to do this in a polite and courteous way. We believe that you have a right to be heard and respected but we ask that this works both ways and that you understand and respect our visiting guide to assist with safety and well-being while you are on our ward. If you do not follow these guidelines you may be asked to leave the ward. WE TAKE A ZERO TOLERANCE APPROACH TO PHYSICAL OR VERBAL ABUSE. Two birthing partners/support persons may visit between 10am and 10pm daily. Additional visiting times for friends/family are 2.30pm to 4.30pm and 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Children under the age of 16 years old are only permitted if they are the patient’s own/or baby’s sibling. There is a maximum allowance of three visitors per bed at any given time, and all visitors must sign in and out at reception on their visit NO OTHER CHILDREN ARE PERMITTED ON THE WARD One support person (partner/ relative/ friend) can remain on the ward to support overnight. Sadly we cannot offer sleeping facilities for the support person. Please remember to look after yourselves and think about going home for better rest, or allowing a different person to act as the support person on another night.


All pregnant women in the UK over the age of 16 have now been offered COVID-19 vaccination.

Studies have shown that hospital admission and severe illness are more common in pregnant women (compared to those not pregnant), especially those in the third trimester of pregnancy, and that stillbirth and preterm birth is more likely (compared to pregnant women without COVID-19). Pregnant women with underlying medical conditions are at higher risk of severe illness.

Vaccination is recommended in pregnancy, but the decision whether to have the vaccine is your choice. The information link below will help you make an informed choice about whether to get the COVID-19 vaccine if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

However, if you are worried and think you have symptoms of coronavirus, please contact NHS 111 or your GP and inform your maternity care team.

Information for people of child-bearing age, and their families, about the COVID-19 vaccination and pregnancy, breastfeeding and fertility is now available on the Just One Norfolk website. 

This includes films, Q&As and links to national and local resources.  Please visit; to find out more.


The antenatal schedule is usually as follows, but if you are unsure about anything please speak with your midwife.

Your booking appointment - Bookings are usually in person. Your blood pressure, booking blood test, urinalysis and BMI (weight and height) will be taken at this appointment. 

12 week dating scan - This is dating scan only.

16 week routine appointment

20 week anomaly scan

25 week routine appointment

28, 32, 36, 38, 40 and 41 week routine appointment - will all remain face to face appointments for everyone at present.

Antenatal appointments - Please see above for more information - a partner may accompany you subject to the above.

Postnatal visits - During these visits please can we ask that the midwife can assess you and your baby in a room alone, away from other family members.



Attending ultrasound scans; A birthing partner may attend with someone who is pregnant, please see above for more details.

Please understand that your maternity care is essential, and has been developed over many years to reduce complications in mothers and babies. It is important that you continue to attend your scheduled routine care when you are well. However, if you are self-isolating or have possible symptoms of coronavirus, please inform your midwife or the Antenatal Clinic and we will make other arrangements and reschedule your appointment where necessary. Please do not attend your appointment in this case without first speaking to your community midwife or Antenatal Clinic. 

If you have any concerns or queries, please speak to your community midwife or visit our Bumps and Babies Facebook page for non-urgent, frequently asked questions. If you have any urgent concerns, please contact delivery suite.

Maternity information and telephone contact numbers - Antenatal Clinic 01493 452266, if you are labour or have immediate concerns please call our Delivery Suite on 452480 or 452190, Scan appointment queries 01493 452024


Early in pregnancy you will meet a Community Midwife who will ‘book’ you. Together you will decide who is the most appropriate professional to co-ordinate your care; this may be a Midwife or a Consultant Obstetrician. At this time you will receive information about the screening tests, scans and appointments that are available to each woman. You will also be provided with telephone numbers for accessing 24 hour support.

We will help you to plan for your birth, aiming to provide the latest up to date evidence to support you in your decision making about this important experience. Depending on your individual situation you may be offered Home, Delivery Suite or the midwife led Dolphin Suite: we will ensure you have all the information to enable you to choose the best place for YOU! A preparation for birth workshop is available in the later part of pregnancy.

We will help you to prepare for life as a parent.

Our Antenatal and Postnatal ward provides for women who need to stay in hospital either before or after birth. Community midwives continue your care at home after discharge from hospital.

What services are provided?

  • Antenatal clinic
  • Ultrasound
  • Community midwifery
  • Antenatal/Postnatal wards
  • Maternity Assessment unit
  • Delivery Suite
  • Dolphin Suite Midwife led unit
  • Specialist Midwives: mental health, diabetes, infant feeding

How can I get a referral?

Your GP surgery will refer you to the Antenatal clinic or the Community Midwife to begin your care with us.

Where is the department located?

The antenatal clinic, delivery suite and Dolphin Suite are located upstairs at the James Paget Hospital: follow the signs.

Community midwives clinics are held in GP surgeries and Children’s Centres: your Community Midwife will tell you where you should attend.

What are the opening times?

Antenatal clinic: Monday to Friday 9:00 – 17:00.

Delivery Suite: 24 hours                

Dolphin Suite: 24 hours

Ward 11: 24 hours                     

How can I contact the department?

Antenatal Clinic 01493 452266

Delivery Suite 01493 452480

Dolphin Suite 01493 453640

Ward 11: 01493 452011

Community midwives carry mobile phones, but may be unable to answer immediately due to clinical activity or being off duty. The voicemail message on her phone will give you further instructions.

If you require urgent help call Delivery Suite 01493 452480.


Useful links and information

Support for parents with crying babies;



Norfolk and Waveney Local Maternity and Neonatal Services - Multi-lingual Maternity resourcesNorfolk and Waveney Multi Lingual Resources

Norfolk and Waveney LMNS Multilingual maternity resources ( 


Cuppa Care is a county wide project that is aimed at preventing and reducing social isolation and loneliness across Norfolk communities - open to all to attend with local events. Please see their website for more information;

Cuppa Care logo - a green steaming cup on wheels with Cuppa care in green and 'Bringing us together' in black writing.


The Steam House Cafe in Gorleston provide mental health support. For more information please visit;

Steam House Cafe Logo


Free learn English course

The James Paget is working with Frisby College, based in Great Yarmouth, to offer an opportunity to learn English online for free to help new parents. Please see below for more details (please click on the image for a larger version) and please share this with anyone who may benefit. For more information please contact Nina Abbott -

Learn English flyer - with information detailed in the text

Midwives logo - a black line drawing of a pair of hands with a woman and baby graphic between them


 Dolphin Suite Lagoon - a large bath for water births

Jazz Birthing Pool 2

Key staff

Key staff

Head of Midwifery – Elita Mazzocchi

Deputy Head of Midwifery – Angela Sutton

Consultant Midwife – Jenny Keys

Maternity Quality & Workforce Matron – Karen Erskine

Maternity Community & Outpatient Services Matron – Tracey Hannant

Named Safeguarding Midwife – Faye Hewitt

Clinical Lead for Obstetrics – Dr Vandana Choudhary

Inpatient Manager for Central Delivery Suite & Dolphin Suite – Kerry Burwood

Inpatient Manager for Ward 11 – Jodie Ash

Antenatal Clinic & Maternity Assessment Unit Manager – Kirsty Blowers

Maternity Community Manager – Nicola McGovern

Bereavement Midwife – Sam Jones and Victoria Brown

Infant Feeding Co-ordinators – Kay Horn and Sarah Morris

Preparation for Birth and Baby

Preparation For Birth And Baby poster - please click for PDF


Please click on the image above for details of parenting classes in the Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft areas.