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Paediatric Diabetes team

Opening Times: Clinics are Mondays to Thursdays, flexibly as discussed with you by the team.
Telephone: 01493 453884
Location: The Cove Childrens Clinic

We offer advice and support for children suffering from Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. The team see patients from the time of their diagnosis to the time of their transfer to adult services (including care of children up to their 19th Birthday). Teenagers with type 1 diabetes are also seen in the transitional clinics which helps the young person and the parent to get acquainted with the adult diabetic team before their care is completely transferred over.

The diabetic team gives advice on various methods of insulin treatment including insulin pens and insulin pumps. There are also facilities to download the blood glucose readings from the blood glucose meter and the insulin pump either at home before the clinic or on the day of the clinic appointment. The doctor and the paediatric diabetic specialist nurse can then review this and give advice on changing insulin doses to achieve good control of their diabetes.

In the diabetic clinic, the child and parent will be seen by the paediatric consultant with special interest in diabetes, the paediatric diabetic specialist nurse and the dietician. An appointment with a psychologist can also be arranged, if need be, after discussion with the parent and child.


What services are provided?

  • Diabetes focussed consultation – 4 times per year
  • Annual Review clinic consultation (once a year)
  • Diabetes Advice and information leaflets.
  • Diabetes related emergency protocols
  • Glucagon Injection Training
  • Blood sugar and blood ketone testing training
  • Emergency care plans  (including school/college/nursery training where necessary)
  • Dietetic advice
  • Evening structured education once a year
  • Home visit by dietician and diabetic nurse specialist
  • Open access to ward via phone call to ward 10.


Where is the department located?

At The Cove Childrens Clinic, ground floor. 


What are the service times?

Ward 10a and 10b are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Clinic are flexible - patients and their families will be advised appropriately. 

Out of hours – for parents and families only - via Ward 10. 

Key staff

Key staff

Dr Gurung - Clinical lead

Diabetes Nurse Specialists: Sister Sarah Shreeve, Sister Gillian Macgregor-Linnett and Sister Amanda Dench

Dieticians: Patrick Friel, Caroline Ellam

Clinical psychologist: Bridget Coleman