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Extended Scope Spinal Physiotherapy Service


The Extended Scope Spinal Physiotherapy Service is focused on assessment, Investigation, clinical diagnosis and management of spinal pathology. 

We also employ elements of psycho social assessment for a comprehensive management of your condition. Patient understanding of their condition is our priority during their first consultation. Patients are then followed up in clinic if their condition is assessed to be amenable to physiotherapy management.

We work in a highly integrated multidisciplinary team of pain management consultants, spinal surgeons, clinical nurse specialists in pain management and specialist occupational therapists.

Components of our management involve;

Advanced neuromusculoskeletal assessment to achieve a working diagnosis and this may often include complex, long standing, serious or persistent spinal pathology

Various radiological and non-radiological investigations to help the diagnostic aspects of patient care. E.g. MRI’s, X-rays, blood tests etc.

Listing patients for lumbar epidural injection and spinal surgery

Onward referral to Rheumatology, Orthopaedics, Neurological  and other specialities if appropriate.

Expert opinion and advice to GPs, community physiotherapists and other medical colleagues.

Cognitive and active spinal rehabilitation which is aimed at restoring or improving function by increasing pain free or pain controlled activity.

Education on prevention  and personal responsibility for continued self- management

Involvement in teaching medical students and other medical and non-medical colleagues.

Manipulation where appropriate

Steroid Injection therapy under ultrasound scan guidance