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A cheque presentation to our Renal Unit - a group of people hold a large cheque with medical equipment visible at the side of the photograph

Two of our nurses in dark blue uniforms stand next to a bed with a patient in and a man in a stripey top, a relative, stands next to the bed

Members of our Renal Unit team hold two gold envelopes after they were nominated for our staff awards

Remarkable People 2019

Remarkable People 2019

Employee of the Year - Belinda Burroughes, Senior Sister, Renal Unit

Renal Unit

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 6.30am to 10.30pm.
Telephone: 01493 452484.
Location: Ground floor by Car Park D

We are primarily a haemodialysis unit providing dialysis for approximately 100 patients. We run 18 dialysis machines with three ‘shifts’ of patients per day. Dialysis is provided for those people who lose kidney function.

Our team consists of about 14 registered nurses and about 12 health care assistants of differing grades. Two medical consultants attend from the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital several times per week. They usually bring another senior grade doctor with them.

We maintain very close links with the Norfolk & Norwich renal team. The local transplant co-ordinator is based in Norwich and it is also where the nearest home dialysis team can be found.

Our patients have many, varying medical conditions. Diabetes is the most common problem we see leading to kidney failure. High blood pressure is also very common. In addition, there are many other kidney conditions that can lead a person to require dialysis.

We run a small chronic kidney disease service with one specialist nurse practitioner who works closely with the medical team. This service provides certain medications (such as EPO & intravenous iron) and education regarding chronic kidney disease to people in the area.


What services are provided?

  • Haemodialysis
  • Vascular access review
  • Intravenous iron (referrals)
  • Chronic kidney disease service


How can I get a referral?

Patients are usually referred to us from the renal medical team. They usually receive referrals from GP’s and other specialist teams.

Key staff

Key staff

Dr Calum Ross (Medical Lead)

Dr Mahzuz Karim

Senior Sister: Belinda Burroughes

Advanced Nurse Practitioner: Mark Prentice